Using Heave Stopper protects your buildings against the forces of ground movement from clay. It is used under steel reinforced concrete slabs and ground beams.


Heave Stopper is the environmentally friendly, biodegradable clay void former for use under piled concrete slabs & beams. 


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Unlike other solutions Heave Stopper creates a complete void beneath the concrete groundbeams to offer maximum protection from clay ground heave.


Heave Stopper is a robust, easy to cut, void former used to protect concrete raft foundations from clay heave.


Heave Stopper boards create a 150mm void from a 160mm board, making it the ideal product to use when access is limited and reducing the amount of earth excavated and removed from site is required.


Perfect for clay heave protection for mini piling, underpinning and basement construction.



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Whiterock manufactures Heave Stopper clay protection board with a honeycomb cellcore that protects concrete foundations & structures from clay heave and ground movement.


Whiterock Heave Stopper call 01480 702222. Clayboard.


Heave Stopper is a direct alternative to Dufaylite Clayboard and is an alternative to Cordek Cellcore.


Heave Stopper clay heave & ground movement board supplier.


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Heave Stopper creates a void beneath concrete foundations. It is predominantly used to accommodate ground movement & clay heave. Clay Heave can be caused by the re-hydration of clay soils after the removal of trees.


Heave Stopper clay heave and ground movement protection boards are a direct alternative to Dufaylite Clayboard and Cordek Cellcore.


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Heave Stopper Clay Heave Void Former BBA Certificate
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Heave Stopper Ground Movement Solutions
Clay Heave & Ground Movement explained. Clay Heave Void Former products to provide protection from clay heave and subsidence. Products for underpinning, basements, raft foundations, concrete slabs, ring beams, reinforced foundations or create a root protection zone.
Direct alternative to Dufaylite Clayboard and an alternate to Cordek Cellcore
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