Select the Whiterock Void Shield Membrane to achieve the perfect Heave Stopper installation every time.

The Void Shield Membrane is fabricated with heat welded seams to deliver total confidence in its water excluding properties.


The Void Shield Membrane can be supplied in sections up to 1000m2. Each one is labelled to indicate the position it is intended for on the site.

An unfolding plan is provided so that site operatives work out of the correct corner.


Some contractors prefer to make the sections of membrane smaller to suit a day’s work. This way each section can be sealed off and protected should the weather conditions change.




Unfold the Void Shield Membrane following the plan provided  



Void Shield Membrane offers significant benefits over using polythene sheeting and taped joints. The technologies and methods are similar to gas proofing and tanking systems and therefore provides a 100% waterproof seal.








Place Heave Stopper, fold top upstand neatly down and secure lid into position using double sided butyl tape.

Each Void Shield Membrane is designed to suit the specific foundation arrangement for your site and incorporates welded corner details and upstands.

clay board Pile collar


Detailing around piles is undertaken using a preformed shroud 


ground movement solutions Heave Stopper clay protection void former


Welded corners are 100% water tight

Pile caps can be prefabricated as a ready to place, sealed element. A difficult detail made simple with Heave Stopper.