Unlike other solutions Heave Stopper creates a complete void beneath the foundation to offer maximum protection from ground movement.


Heave Stopper is a board constructed from a cardboard honeycomb core set between water resistant facings.


When dry, the boards have a compressive strength that can support concrete and steel up to

1 meter thick without deflection or creep compression.


Once the concrete is cured and self supporting, Heave Stopper’s job is done. Water is now introduced to the core, and in this process Heave Stopper yields to ground heave without transmitting pressure to the structure. Eventually, the board will naturally disappear to leave a permanent 100% void with no residual density to pass on heave stresses.


This can allow engineers to design thinner slabs and beams using less concrete and reinforcement.


Heave Stopper can also be used to create a void to protect structures from vibration.

           Using HEAVE STOPPER protects your buildings


against the forces of ground movement.




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